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Devoted to helping our Washington communities find lasting recovery.

About Aspire Washington

Based in Seattle, we provide quality addiction treatment to all Washington State substance users from Tacoma to Spokane. Providing a full continuum of care from detox to outpatient services, our Washington addiction treatment facility uses a combination of traditional and alternative therapies to help addicts and alcoholics in need of long-term recovery solutions. Help is only a phone call away!

Aspire Washington employs professional interventionists to help families get their loved ones into treatment. Many addicts and alcoholics are not able to stop using no matter how many consequences they suffer. If you’re worried that someone you care about will not stop using on their own, intervention assistance just might help you save a life.

Why Aspire Oregon?

A New Way of Life

Washington addicts and alcoholics have the opportunity to begin a new life in treatment. We can help you begin a new, drug-free chapter and develop a lifestyle that’s truly worth living.

Community Support

Aspire Washington recognizes how lonely it can feel to leave your old life behind and start fresh in recovery. Our staff is here to provide support. Call us today to receive the help you need!

Outstanding Clinicians

Employing a team of leading medical experts and licensed addiction specialists, Aspire Washington ensures that every patient receives thoroughly safe and well-supervised care.