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What We Do

Aspire Washington helps alcoholics and drug addicts from the Seattle area and beyond find refuge from the torment of addiction. Countless substance users and their families are struggling in cities across Washington State. We work to assist them in discovering a new way of life, completely free from the incessant cravings and obsession caused by addictive substance use. At Aspire Health Network, we help those in need to develop the tools to maintain long-term sobriety for years to come.

Why We Do It

The need for greater access to Washington addiction treatment did not arise overnight. Each year, a strikingly low percentage of substance users receive the help they need. On average, about 90.6% of alcoholics and 89.5% of drug addicts go untreated. The result is that Washington State struggles with problematic rates of overdose and drug-related crimes. This affects addicts, their families, and even third parties whose taxes increase to reflect the state’s addiction-related economic costs. By providing quality addiction treatment to all Washington substance users, we aim to reduce these problems and create a healthier atmosphere in the state we call home.