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Man addicted to opiates holding syringe in his right hand clenching his left fist tightly in the woods trying to keep from using so he can enter heroin rehab Seattle Washington

Heroin Rehab Seattle Washington | What Are Fentanyl and Carfentanil?

The spread of opiate addiction has impacted countless lives and leaves nothing but devastation in its path. The overdose rates and statistics behind this epidemic have given the state of Washington urgency to take preventative measures to provide the help necessary to treat addicts who suffer. Heroin use has always proven to be dangerous, but… Read More »

Young girl crazed from addiction sitting against bathroom door with head in her hands prescription pill bottles overturned on the sink representing opiate addiction Seattle Washington

Opiate Addiction Seattle Washington | Why Are Painkillers Dangerous?

Over the last decade, Seattle has experienced a tremendous increase in the rates of opiate addiction. Accompanying this increase are many issues that must be addressed, especially how to prevent opiate dependency/abuse from occurring so frequently, along with a discussion regarding which treatment options are available for those who suffer. When fighting opiate addiction Seattle… Read More »