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Benefits of Washington addiction treatment include a calming atmosphere that can boost your mental health.

Far too many residents of Washington State suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. Fortunately, while many continue to suffer every year, there are many others who choose to seek a better life for themselves. The moment they make this decision, they begin taking steps toward change. For many, one of the first difficulties will be choosing a Washington rehab facility. Others, however, will struggle to decide whether they wish to seek Washington addiction treatment at all.

This decision should not be taken lightly. There are many benefits of recovering in Washington, but also quite a few reasons to consider out-of-state alternatives. Both options warrant careful consideration.

Benefits of Washington Addiction Treatment

Among the primary benefits of recovering in Washington is the fact that state lawmakers and other officials appear to care deeply about substance use disorder. Not only was Washington one of the first states to tighten prescribing guidelines in response to the opioid epidemic, but the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services has made a point of providing services to addicts and alcoholics. Between 2013 and 2015, they served over 83,000 sufferers through their Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery. This resource is vital to those seeking Washington addiction treatment.

There are natural benefits of recovering in Washington as well. Coastal states tend to boast high quantities of negative ions in the air, which many believe can alleviate depression while providing necessary vitamins. In other words, residing near the water can boost both mental and physical health.

The air around forests and mountains can produce negative ions as well, meaning that those who seek Washington addiction treatment will benefit from more than just the coastal setting. Many Washington residents actually participate in a practice called “forest bathing,” taking long hikes through the woods to soak up negative ions while escaping from the drudgeries of daily life. A Washington addiction treatment center offering experiential therapy can easily allow clients to participate in this practice.

Benefits of Treatment in Another State

Washington addicts and alcoholics who seek treatment near home might make use of the many benefits of recovering in Washington, but they will also set themselves up for difficulties when they leave treatment. Most substance users are more successful in their recovery when seeking treatment in another state. Out-of-state treatment removes them from connections to their former lifestyle, whereas Washington addiction treatment will release them into the same environment in which they used. It is far more tempting to use when the same bars and drug dealers are right down the street.

Not only does leaving Washington provide distance between the user and their environmental or social triggers, it also provides them with an entirely new support network. They can work side-by-side with the staff and peers in their new recovery community to develop relapse prevention tools, which will make it easier to maintain their recovery if they do return to Washington. Some may choose to seek inpatient drug rehab in another state before finding a Washington aftercare program. Others will forgo Washington addiction treatment of any kind, finding a new home in the state where they sought treatment.

Regardless of what you choose, the goal of treatment is to begin a new chapter in life. Immersing yourself in a new environment might help provide a better sense of that. On the other hand, you might decide there are more benefits of recovering in Washington. Either way, you may find it helpful to seek assistance in finding the best treatment option for you.

Finding the Best Drug Rehab Available

If you are having trouble finding the right treatment center for you, Aspire Health Network can help. We operate a number of facilities that offer the same ion-rich environment as any Washington addiction treatment community, many of them located right near the beach under the California sun. Those who receive care at Aspire Treatment Center will have the opportunity to go on nature walks and trips to the beach, also participating in activities that range from sports to outdoor meditation. Much as you would when entering Washington addiction treatment, you will have a chance to remove yourself from your old environment while developing a new love for life.

For information on the benefits of recovering in Washington or on alternatives to Washington addiction treatment, please contact us today by calling (844) 519-6584. We’ll help you find the right treatment center for you.

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